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Richie Pisacano - Wolffer


An Update From Our Vineyard Manager

Each year we welcome our guests to enjoy our beautiful vineyard and observe the transformation of the land as we prepare for growing season. While we can't be together, the vineyard is using this time to recuperate and prepare for a fantastic growing season.

Vineyard Manager, Richie Pisacano brings an extremely valuable 38 years of experience to the Estate. Richie and Winemaker Roman Roth have collaborated on over 20 vintages and countless extraordinary wines.

“Our team is ready for the upcoming bud break, however due to the unseasonable cool weather, I wouldn’t anticipate bud break until early May. With the mild winter we had and beautiful 2019 season, I am expecting a robust and healthy bud break with an abundance of flower clusters that will bloom into grapes in late June. I'm elated about what this means for the vineyard - a new season of hope, rejuvenation, and our quest in continuing to improve with our sustainable practices. It means more to us now more than ever. We should all learn something from the land and use this time to recuperate and come out even stronger on the other end." ~Richie

Managing a certified sustainable vineyard plays a role in every aspect of caring for our land. Being mindful of the environment, ground water and neighbors starts with us.

We are taking care of the vineyard land in a new way with our Star Cultivator. This new device is another commitment towards our devotion to the land and to our environmentally friendly approach to wine growing. “I am thrilled beyond words to add this tool to our many techniques for the betterment of the land and our wine growing process” shares Richie. This tool is being used to remove weeds and unwanted plants along the vines, including our block of Merlot grapes that are used to create our beautiful rosé wines. Here, we made our first pass with our new cultivator and also spread some limestone to maintain ideal pH in the soil.

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