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“We are preserving this incredible land. That is really what our father’s vision was about.”

Our Vineyard

Our estate grapes have been certified sustainable by Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing, an independent, third party certified sustainable viticulture program tailored to the unique needs of our region. We adhere to a checklist of nearly 200 farming best practices with the goal of minimizing the use of chemicals and fertilizers, promoting high biological diversity and healthy soils, protecting our delicate maritime ecosystem and maintaining the highest level of quality in our fruit.

Our Estate

We extend stewardship of the environment beyond the vineyard. We have invested in solar power at our wine stand, use biodegradable products for food service and encourage native vegetation and wildlife to help balance and enhance our unique ecosystem.

Our People

We treat all of our employees with dignity and respect, pay fair wages and encourage them to take ownership of their role. We also believe in community and support our local government, charitable causes and hire local labor when possible.

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