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A new Summer is here! We are excited to share with you the release of the new Summer in a Bottle Rosé Côtes de Provence! This sibling to our famous Summer in a Bottle Rosé from Long Island, NY marks a new and exciting chapter for Wölffer. We have been working on this for two years, finding the perfect vineyard and making the perfect Wölffer wine in France! The magic of our rosé winemaking, and the heart of rosé, Provence, is a marriage that was destined to be and a dream come true.

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Summer in a Bottle

In 1992, while the wine world was making blush, Wolffer Estate, looked to make the ultimate destination Rosé. A dry, elegant and light Rose! Now, five million bottles 30 years of delicious Hamptons Rosé later, we are fulfilling our dreams of making Rosé under in the mistral wind and along the Saint-Tropez sunny shoreline, bringing together master winemaker Roman Roth with the Provençal terroir to create the perfect bottle to pair with Summer.

Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence is elegant, fresh and balanced. This wine perfectly blends the lively Provence grapes including, Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Vermentino, with the vibrant style of Summer in a Bottle Long Island. Taking the iconic, whimsical packaging one step further, the bottle leaps out in color and sophistication. We have gone the extra mile and are very proud to have become one of the world leading quality rosé makers.

A new Wölffer
Summer is here

Perfectly pale, this wine’s amazing aromas of tangerine, citrus, peach and floral notes lead to its lively, vibrant fruit and elegant finish with classic salinity. This rosé is pure and refreshing with great esprit and a wonderful structure and texture, making it amazingly versatile to be paired with food. Serve chilled. It is the perfect partner to complement seafood, chicken, and even spicy dishes. Charcuterie, cheese or most classically of course, a bouillabaisse. Or enjoy sipping it at a party with friends or treating yourself.

Long Island

Côtes de Provence

While Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence and Summer in a Bottle Long Island share the same name, they are distinctly true to their regions. Summer in a Bottle Rosé Côtes de Provence is classically Provencal, fragrant and lively, with a saltiness and softness. The grapes are the rosé masters: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Vermentino. Summer in a Bottle long island Long Island is lush, bold, and vibrant and balanced, and made up of Long island’s top grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cab Franc, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Mineur and Pinot Blanc. Despite their differences, they are both pure and sophisticated, lush, summer driven, and enjoyable, like the bottle.

Long Island
Wolffer Summer In A Bottle Cotes De Provence


Côtes de Provence

Wolffer Summer In A Bottle Long Island NY

Long Island NY


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