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Wölffer’s Non-Alcoholic Offerings Meet The Demands Of The Expanding Market

The non-alcoholic market for wines, spirits, and beer has skyrocketed in recent years as the importance of self-health and well-being continue to grow in the US. “North America is anticipated to be the most important non-alcoholic wine and spirits market in the world with a growth rate of over 8%” states Wine Industry Advisor. Fortunately, staying away from alcohol no longer means you must stay away from concerts, dinners out or even trips to the vineyards. Wölffer began crafting non-alcoholic options in 1996, and the market is now catching on.

With our European-style wines and creative branding, Wölffer Estate Vineyard has managed to build a reputable name in the wine world. However, taste and style aren’t the only qualities attributing to our trajectory. Over the years, we’ve expanded our product line to develop an impressive number of innovative wines and spirits that tap into many markets, including our non-alcoholic options Spring in a Bottle, Petite Rose and Verjus

We were a step ahead with our Verjus, which was released in 1996. By pressing unripe grapes and quickly chilling the juice, we achieve a wonderfully pure concentration and complexity that makes this one of the most delicious Verjus in the world. Next came our Petite Rosé, a sparkling alcohol-free beverage also made from pressing unripe grapes into a uniquely refreshing drink. “As opposed to the traditional Wölffer Verjus, which is sold in 750 ml bottles…the Petite Rosé comes in individual servings, with screw caps” shares Hannah Selinger of Edible East End. Selinger adds that it’s “Lively. Refreshing. Ruthlessly charming. And if you drink the whole case (never say never), you’ll pay no consequences in the morning.”

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Owner Marc Wölffer watched as the non-alcoholic trend grew in Europe during the pandemic lockdown. “After discussing this idea with the team, I started researching the different non-alcoholic sparkling wines produced in Europe. We tried some 20 different options and found the one which met the quality standard that we look for. We partnered with a small family-owned vineyard in Germany to produce our Spring in a Bottle, released Spring of 2021” explains Marc. Anyone who has tried non-alcoholic drinks knows that it’s a challenge to find the right balance to reach the familiar palate of a regular glass of wine (with alcohol) without being overly sweet. With Spring in a Bottle, we have achieved just that. Florence Fabricant of the New York Times called Spring in a Bottle a winner in its category and a non-alcoholic worth meeting. “The pink wine, with nice carbonation and a delicately floral bouquet has the flavor of white peaches: rich, tart, nicely fruity but not sweet. Wine drinkers will not miss the alcohol" adds Fabricant.

“The world of non-alcoholic beverages has grown vastly for those who want options. This holistic approach to ‘everything in moderation’ is what differs from other sugary non-alcoholic wines on the market” shares Roman Roth. At Wölffer Estate we believe in balance. Whether it is an elegant balanced wine or a full, balanced lifestyle. As the industry trends towards producing more alcohol-free varieties, it is time for more options that don’t mean sacrificing taste.

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