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smashed berry rose cider spritz

muddled strawberries for rose cider cocktail


Wine and Dine: Smashed Berry Rosé Cider Spritz

Summer BBQ's are in full swing and nothing is simpler or more beloved than a refreshing pitcher cocktail. Luckily, strawberry season is in full swing on the East End and the berries are looking amazing. The office has had a never-ending supply of juicy, local picks for the past few weeks and we decided to use a few to create our own spin on this cocktail from Half Baked Harvest. 

It's easy, it's yummy, and the No. 139 Rosé Cider really shines with all the fresh fruit flavors. Mix it up this weekend and let us know what you think by tagging @wolfferwine in your IG stories! 

Smashed Berry Rosé Cider Spritz

1/2 cup fresh, local strawberries
1/2 cup fresh raspberries
4 basil leaves (optional)
1/4 cup lemon juice
4 ounces silver tequila
4 ounces St. Germain (elderflower liquor)
2 375 mL bottles or cans of No. 139 Rosé Cider, chilled
2 peaches or nectarines, sliced and cut to garnish

In a pitcher, muddle the berries, basil, and lemon juice together, squishing everything to release the juices. Add the tequila, St Germain, and rosé, stirring gently to combine. Stir in the peaches. Chill until ready to serve. Serve over ice and garnish with basil. 

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Photos c/o Half Baked Harvest
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