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Antonov Sauvignon Blanc Named Top 9 Best Sauvignon Blancs in the World to Buy Right Now

"For many years most wine experts believed that Sauvignon Blanc was a native of Bordeaux—at least that’s what the Bordelaise would have loved us to believe—but recent DNA evidence points to the Loire Valley as the birthplace of the variety. The grape takes its name from the French word sauvage, which translates to “wild” and combines it with the French word blanc for “white,” so in effect what we have here is a wine made from a “wild white” grape. This nomenclature probably resulted from the fact that the vine looks quite unkempt when left untrained and we (along with many of our colleagues) think that it also points to the wine’s characteristic “cat pee” or “litter box” smells, which are sometimes pretty savage and certainly always wild. This aroma is generally caused by naturally occurring compounds called “pyrazines” and can also be from “thiols” which are a byproduct of fermentation.

One can also expect (more pleasant) aromas of grapefruit, lime, lemon, melon, green apple, freshly chopped green herbs, recently mowed grass, and exotic fruit flavors depending upon where the grapes are grown. It’s somewhat standard to get some of the “cat” smells in New Zealand, French, or even South African Sauvignon Blancs, but they’re often mitigated by aromas of lemongrass and green herbs. Many people love the aromas of Sauvignon Blanc, and if the scent doesn’t put you off, (it shouldn’t) you will be rewarded with wines exhibiting amazing crispness, bold acidity, and exciting fruit flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc pairs perfectly with warm weather foods like salads and seafood including scallops, sushi, mussels, and shrimp. It also goes great with tangy sheep’s milk cheeses like French chèvre or Greek feta. You can also pair it with green salads dressed with tangy vinaigrette or tomato Caprese salad. Here are our favorite selections from around the globe."


Best New York Sauvignon Blanc: Wölffer Estate 2021 Antonov Sauvignon Blanc Long Island New York
"Sauvignon Blanc wines from Long Island’s South Fork are somewhat rare compared to those from the North Fork and from upstate New York. There are only a handful of wineries on the South Fork, and we think that Wölffer Estate has consistently been one of the best producers there in the last decade. Winemaker Roman Roth and vineyard manager Richie Pisacano and their respective teams make elegant and complex wines. The 2021 Antonov Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of white flowers, grapefruit pith, lemon grass, and passionfruit that draw you in to this full-bodied wine and then give way to flavors of mango, pineapple, and honeydew melon. Perfect to drink on a warm Hamptons’ evening or your backyard pool no matter the location."

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