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Raise a Glass to Cider Week!

It's that special time of year when New York City turns its attention to all things apple -- fermented apple, that is. In honor of Wölffer No. 139 Dry Cider, we are proud to participate in Cider Week NYC, with a compendium of cocktails made with our sparkling white and rosé cider. Follow the trail below from the East End to NYC to find out where you can find these eight tasty creations...and how you can make them at home!
Shown at left: Bartender Adam Rothstein at Seamstress

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Found at The Barracuda Bar at Montauk Yacht Club

All Things Nice
Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider steamed with...
1/2 oz fresh lemon
1/2 oz homemade star anise cinnamon syrup
5 dashes of homemade habanero tincture
Dash of orange skin oils

Bartenders Simon and Laertese at The Barracuda Bar at Montauk Yacht Club have created a steamy, spicy cocktail with Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider that will keep you warm this fall, from the inside out.


Plum Two Ways

Found at
 Wölffer Kitchen

Spiced Plum Cider Cocktail
An ounce or two of unsweetened African nectar black tea (cold)
Wolffer No. 139 Dry White Cider to fill the glass
Fresh sliced or pureed plums soaked in clove, anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and orange peel
Fresh ginger simple syrup

Michelle Davis, Bar Manager at Wolffer Kitchen, discovered by accident that her cider-based cocktail can be made pureed or not. "Chef had processed plums so I nabbed some," she said. "I tried the recipe with the plums sliced and pureed. It's a completely different drink!"


Cocktail for Two

Found at ABC Cocina

Easy as ABC
Triple 888 Cranberry Vodka infused with Earl Grey tea
Downeast Cranberry Cider
Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider
Pear and Ginger Vermouth
Cranberry Juice
Pour over ice into a large Mason jar, serve in two smaller jars and garnish with a vanilla bean, oranges and cranberries.

"At ABC Cocina, seasonality is always a key ingredient," says GM and mixologist Ann Marie Del Bello. "Cranberries are in season as are apples. Plus, everything in this cocktail is local. It's easy to make...and it's very ABC!"


 Ooh La La!

Found at Corkbuzz

Highway 29
1 oz Greenhook Gin
1 oz Orleans
3/4 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1/4 oz simple syrup
Shake with ice, strain into flute
Top with Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider
Garnish with a lemon twist

Corkbuzz did a riff on the classic cocktail, the French 75, and dubbed it Highway 29. Trace Conway created the drink, made by Emma Conroy. Visit this Chelsea Market cocktail bar, order this lovely drink and imagination you're in Paris!


Harvest Memory

Found at The Lambs Club

Apple Picking
1¾ oz Calvados
¾ oz Demerara Spice Syrup
¾ oz Lime
¾ oz  Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider
¼ oz Apple Jack
¼ oz Molasses
Shake and strain into coupe glasses with a cinnamon sugar rim.

The Lambs Club Head Bartender Garry Severin took his sons apple picking, where a woman was selling fresh-baked apple pies. "The smell was so delicious," he says. "It was the epitome of fall: the leaves changing colors, the crisp autumn sunshine. I started thinking about how I could capture that moment in a cocktail." Let Garry's combination of classic fall spices and crisp apple spirits transport you to an orchard of your own.


In the Beginning...

Found at Roberta's

Heavenly Jeweled Spear
2 dashes Peychaud's bitters
5-6 leaves fresh red shiso (grown onsite at Roberta’s!)
Muddle shiso and bitters, then add:
¾ oz Cocchi Americano
¼ oz simple syrup
Add rocks, stir and while stirring slowly add:
2 oz Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider
Double strain over fresh rocks, garnish with a sprig of bronze fennel

Shiso and cider are the magic of Roberta's cider cocktail. "Shiso is bright, herbaceous and a seasonally appropriate fall-leaf crimson that, when muddled with Peychaud's and mixed with Wölffer's rosé cider, looks pretty and tastes delicious," says Head Bartender Benjamin Harrison. Named after a Japanese myth of the spear that brought forth the world, it'll rock yours!


After-School Special

Found at Seamstress

The After School Special
¾ oz Applejack
¼ oz Amaro Angostura
½ oz Giffard Banane du Brésil
Bar spoon of yuzu
2½ oz Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider
Garnish with fresh mint

Adam Rothstein, bartender at Seamstress (shown at the top of the page), gives his cider-based cocktail creation a tropical twist with the flavors of yuzu and banana. It's better than anything your mom packed in your lunchbox!


A Taste of Fall

Found at Madam Geneva

The Apple Sling
3 oz Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider
1½ oz Aylesbury Duck Vodka
½ oz St. George Spiced Pear liqueur
½ oz lemon juice
½ oz ginger simple syrup
Pinch citrus salt
Garnish with a slice of fresh apple

Mellie Wiersma is bar manager of Madam Geneva, the cocktail bar adjacent to Saxon + Parole. She's conjured the flavors of fall in this riff on the classic sling.


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