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Wölffer Estate Honored with New Scores from The Wine Advocate

Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate's Mark Squires just released another review of New York, and we were honored to recieve outstanding scores once again! Roman Roth's Grapes of Roth Merlot 2013 recieved a 93+, while the Wölffer Estate Diosa Late Harvest 2014 recieved a 93. Following that, Grandioso 2016 and Fatalis Fatum 2014 both recieved a 91. We are humbled and grateful for another set of wonderful reviews, and even more determined going into the 2017 Harvest to make elegant, classic and food-friendly wines! Read the review of Long Island below:"Long Island, of course, is one of the two key regions of New York's growing wine industry.... This issue, though, is centered on New York in general and Long Island in particular. The traffic to get there makes it seem like a chore as arduous as going to Lisbon, but it's mostly calm and lovely once you're there. So, welcome back to New York. A regional benchmark, here are Wölffer Estate's Roman Roth (winemaker) and Richie Pisacano (vineyard manager).On tap are a lot of familiar names. Let's start with Wölffer Estate, one of the regional benchmarks. One point of pride to note at this time of year is the array of seasonal beauties, including their famous pinks. Wölffer Estate is a mansion in a glitzy area, but despite the first impression that the prices may be way out of your league, they are mostly pretty fair and the quality is high."  
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