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The New Way To Chardonnay Barrel Tastings

Experience The New Way to Chardonnay

Join us this Winter to celebrate the New Way to Chardonnay! We’ll feature all of Wolffer’s prized Chardonnays, including the newly released 2017 Perle, prized Diosa Late-Harvest Ice Wine and limited-edition Brandy on select Sundays this season. We’ll be joined by Amagansett Food Institute, who will be providing a trio of pairings from local producers to enjoy.

January 20, 2018
Session One: 12pm
Session Two: 1:30pm
Tickets are $75pp plus tax and gratuity
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The New Way To Chardonnay

If you ask co-owner Joey Wolffer about trends, she’ll tell you that the fashion industry believes that trends work on a 20-year life cycle. So, if you live long enough, you’ll see the styles of your youth eventually come back into fashion. It’s no surprise then, to hear that Chardonnay is having a resurgence.

Chardonnay is one of the most planted grape varieties grown around the world and beloved by winemakers for its knack of truly embodying a regions terroir. Think you don’t like Chardonnay? Chances are, you actually don’t like the way it’s made. The Chardonnay grape is actually quite neutral in taste – it is the wine making process that creates the flavors typically associated with the varietal. With careful attention in the vineyard during growing season and restraint on oak during maturation, Chardonnay can act as a canvas for a great winemaker, producing elegant, expressive and age-worthy wines that can convert even the harshest critics!

This is why Chardonnay is one of Roman Roth’s most prized grapes. Here at Wölffer Estate, we planted Dijon Clone 76, a strain of Chardonnay that ripens earlier and develops flavors similar to White Burgundy wines, including tropical fruit and grapefruit. These grapes are used to produce our esteemed Perle and award winning Diosa Late-Harvest Ice Wine, two completely different yet utterly delicious expressions of Chardonnay! Its neutral flavor also enables Roman to use our high-quality Chardonnay as the base for his creative projects. Since 2015, Roman has been secretly distilling Chardonnay to make a limited-edition Brandy, available at the tasting room only while supplies last.

So, we invite you to cast aside your Chardonnay stereotypes and join us in enjoying this grape in whole new ways!

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