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Thanks to All Who Joined HEAF and Wölffer

On June 3rd, many of you joined our acclaimed winemaker Roman Roth for a dynamic and interactive Q&A, led by Neil Degrasse Tyson, and wine tasting. We chatted all things Wölffer wine and Neil's best seller Cosmic Queries.

Roman and Neil were able to meet and mingle virtually with fellow friends and supporterrs throughout the night, hopping virtually from table to table. It truly was a night to remember!

We tasted three of our most popular wines: 
Summer in a Bottle White
Estate Rosé
Estate Cabernet Franc

Neil shared an intriguing fact about our Rosé, “Just so everyone knows, there is no such thing as a rosé grape, this is made from red grapes." Roman noted you can even make a white wine from red grapes. "The juice is usually all the same color, and if you keep the skins with the juice, you get that light rose hue and tannins which make it food friendly." Neil noted, "I’m eating smoked mussels so I think something to stand up to that." Roman agreed, "the tannins [in the wine] will give more structure and pair perfectly.”

Cheers to HEAF!

About the Harlem Activities Fund (HEAF)
Founded in 1989, HEAF creates pathways to college and the professional world for over 600 of the most deserving New York City minority youth each year, by providing resources to help achieve higher education, fulfilling careers, and greater lifetime earnings. We provide high-quality college access and success programming to the "forgotten middle" - young people who have the talent and motivation, but not necessarily the resources and opportunities to pursue and graduate college. HEAF serves students on an eleven-year continuum beginning in 6th grade throughout their education, thus instilling a college-bound attitude early, and providing ongoing support to ensure they succeed in college, future careers, and life.

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