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Introducing Oishii Cider: Our 13% ABV Sake Cider!

"Oishii" translates to delicious in Japanese. Oishii Cider is a combination of our handpicked apple juice with a special Ginjo Style Sake Yeast from Brooklyn Jura, a local New York Sake House. The result of this slow and cold fermentation captures the essence of Japanese Sake and our modern vibrant cider.

With a lovely touch of soft acidity, a dash of astringency to make it savory, and a high ABV of 13%, this cider is delightful to drink chilled on its own and garnished, or used as a mixer in your favorite cocktail. We've even curated a few of our favorite Oishii cocktail recipes below!

Apple Oishiitini Recipe:
• Pour 4 oz of Oishii Cider over ice
• Shake well and strain into a chilled coupe
• Garnish with an apple slice and enjoy!

Strawberry Sake Cocktail Recipe:
• Add fresh strawberries and 1 oz lemon juice into a shaker and muddle
• Add ice and 3oz of Oiishi Cider
• Shake well and pour into a cold martini glass
• Top with mint and strawberries

Oishii-groni Recipe:
• Pour 1 oz Orange Juice and 1 oz Wölffer Brandy over ice and shake.
• Strain contents into a glass over fresh ice
• Top with 1 oz Oiishi Cider and 1 oz club soda
• Garnish with an orange twist and enjoy!

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