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High Marks from Robert Parker Wine Advocate

The Wine Advocate scores are in, and we're proud to announce we have Reds & Whites receiving astounding high scores!

Caya Cabernet Franc 2017 Receives 90 Points

"Cabernet Franc, when well-tended in the vineyard, can bring forth one of the most exciting and interesting red wines Long Island can produce. The 2017 vintage is a good example of how well this variety is suited to our climate making food friendly wines with great longevity, and that can compete with the best of the world."
-Roman Roth

Fatalis Fatum 2017 Receives 91 Points

"The name, “Fatalis Fatum” translates as “the decision is final,” the perfect expression for a decisive blend. The sum is bigger than the parts of the guiding force. Each component for this blend is gorgeous and could stand on their own, but together they make a wine that is special and worthy to be celebrated and shared with connoisseurs and collectors."
- Roman Roth

Diosa Late Harvest 2018 Receives 92 Points

"This wine magnifies why Long Island wines are world class. Through this utmost concentrated Ice Wine, we showcase how blessed we are by abundant sun, the cool ocean breeze, hot days, and cool nights. Our dedicated and skilled staff demonstrate how balance and acidity are key to this great wine."
- Roman Roth

Grapes of Roth Merlot 2016 Receives 92 Points

"Merlot is one of Long Island’s signature varietals and The Grapes of Roth Merlot is one of the highest awarded wines on the East Coast. Merlot ripens perfectly in our climate, gaining a complexity that can stand up to the best"
- Roman Roth

Grapes of Roth Virgin Berry Dry Riesling 2019 Receives 90 Points

"Virgin berries are much smaller in size and have no seeds. This may be the result of a stressed flowering, drought stress, or a clonal variation. These tiny seedless golden grapes of great intensity and aromatic power ripen further than regular Riesling grapes, developing more flavors and concentration. This is my elegant Grosses Gewächs (or First Growth)!
-Roman Roth

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