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The Barstool Series

Cozy up in the Tasting Room once each month for an interactive and educational hour with Suellen Tunney. Explore all things food and drink while enjoying along the way. 

February: Fondue and Rieslings
Explore the Riesling varietal, expressed in two different ways by Roman Roth in his Grapes of Roth Dry Riesling and Grapes of Roth Virgin Berry Riesling, paired with a delicious cheese fondue made of gruyere, swiss, and a bit of Wölffer Pink Gin!

March: To Age or Not To Age? 
To age or not to age? The ultimate - and one of the most confusing - questions when it comes to wine. Guests will taste through and compare different styles and levels of wine and learn to identify key points that will help determine what to store and what to drink. This special class will use the 2015 and 2002 vintages our flagship wine, the Christian's Cuvée Merlot, among other varietals, to teach this subject.

April: Rosé at Wölffer and out East
Learn about the history of Rosé in the Hamptons, from it's slow beginnings to becoming a booming industry on the East End, and all the different ways we do Rosé here at Wölffer! Taste through all of our current releases, and learn how Wölffer sets the bar for quality Rosé in the Hamptons, through our sustainable practices and mindful winemaking.

May: Coming Soon! 
June: Coming Soon! 

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