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The Vineyard & Winemaking

Being Part of the Experience must include tasting the award winning wines of Wölffer Estate. The wines are a rich concentration of fruit and lively acidity produced by the Bridgehampton soil formed by the glacial moraine that formed Long Island.

German-born winemaker Roman Roth, together with vineyard manager Richard Pisacano, spare no effort or expense in tending to the vineyards and grape production. Together, the two men maximize the full potential of the terroir and microclimate, which is constantly bathed in cooler breezes from the Atlantic, only 2.6 miles away. It is this winning combination of climate and soil that ensures the ripeness and acidity necessary for producing the distinct, elegant wines of Wolffer Estate.

Each step -- from the vineyard to the winemaking -- is geared to maximize and balance all the components that are necessary to create a great wine. And sometimes luck plays a role. The philosophy is not to intervene but to let the wine slowly mature into a harmonious state.

Wolffer Estates winemaking is unique because:

  • A passionate team that assures the attention to detail
  • A clear understanding of the conditions of the vineyard and its needs from vintage to vintage allows for the havesting of the finest fruit
  • The timing and logistics of harvest time have resulted in accurate crop predictions as well as a fast time from picking to crushing/pressing so the grapes/juice are in a refrigerated tank less than two hours after picking
  • The excellent winemaking equipment and barrel selection have helped produce wines made in a traditional style while capturing our vineyard character
  • The wine is not rushed through the winemaking process. Instead, we employ a slow and gentle approach to create more individually styled wines

As a Member of the Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing Group we take a pledge that in our Vineyards we will abide by the sustainable farming guidelines listed below:

  • We see LISW as a new way to look at sustainable agriculture that ensures we have clean water and air, a healthy workforce, healthy soils and healthy vines. We are committed to the following:

    • To implement cultural practices and solve problems that reduce and minimize the use of chemicals and fertilizers, with the goal of protecting the farmer, the environment, and society at large.
    • To encourage practices that promote and maintain high biological diversity in the whole vineyard.
    • To maintain and conserve healthy and fertile soils to produce grapes for years to come
    • To encourage practices that protect our maritime ecosystem and estuaries from runoff and leaching
    • To create and maintain viticulture that is economically viable over time.
    • To maintain the highest level of quality in our fruit production.

To find out more about Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing visit the organization's website by clicking here.

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