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Reporter Paula de la Cruz interviewed Vineyard Manager Rich Pisacano about the natural landscapes here at Wölffer Estate for her article, "Native Beauty," published in the July 31 edition of Hamptons Magazine. Explaining that natural meadows are "not a monoculture...but an elaborate composition of color, light and texture," the story includes meadows like ours, which grows between the rows of our vines. "The soil had an unnatural density from years of repeated tilling," Richie recalls of his start here in 1997. After almost two decades of growing a meadow, the soil has a healthy bounce, he says, adding that our vineyard features two rows of hedges around the property and 40 different wildflowers in residence. Richie also mentions our involvement in Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing, a trade association of which Wölffer is a founding member.Click the link below to see the full story!

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