12 Ways to Use Rosé

1. Gather a group of friends for a Rosé BBQ. Fire up the grill, un-screw the cap and enjoy the bright aromas and acidity with sweet and spicy BBQ-fare for a great pairing. 2. Make it an unforgettable birthday. Whether you've planned for months or only remembered an hour before, bring the iconic bottle and toast to years of wisdom and wine. 3. Host a red-carpet watching party. Invite friends to bring hors d'oeuvres like crab and avocado toast, smoked shrimp skewers and green-olive tapenade brushetta to pair with Rosé.4. Use Rosé in salad dressing. This elegant, fresh-tasting salad dressing can also be used over fish, chicken or vegetables. How to make: Combine 1/3 cup Rosé, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 2 to 3 lemons), 1 teaspoon honey, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper and 3/4 cup olive oil. Shake and serve over your favorite bed of greens, fish, chicken or steamed vegetables.5. Make your own homemade Rosé soap. Wine harbors extra antioxidants and rich nutrients to soap as it is made from anti-oxidant rich grapes.  In addition to imbuing your skin with nutrients, wine also offers rich, creamy bubbles to your finished soap bars. Read how to make it here.6. Steam mussels in Rosé. Instead of the usual white wine, these mussels are steamed in vibrant Rosé, flavored with garlic, shallots and red pepper. Follow this recipe from Food & Wine.7. Try it in a cocktail. Our favorite is a Basil Lemonade Rosé cocktail. Make it by placing 2 large basil leaves and 1 lemon wedge in a glass and muddle well. Fill glass with ice, then add 5 oz of Rosé and 1 oz of citrus vodka. Stir and enjoy.8. Celebrate an anniversary. Any kind. Happy 3-months into 2016, six months since you last had Rosé, one year of friendship, 10 years of a job.9. Inspire a Scrabble night. Wölffer Rosé can bring out the bookworm and vocabulary that seems to have gone rogue as of late. Open a bottle for a night full of laughs and maybe add some “R” words to the English language.10. Have a Rosé staycation. If you can’t make it out to the Hamptons, have your own mini staycation by inviting friends over and turning off all phones while Rosé is out.10. Convert a non-believer. Not everyone can see through the pink. Rosé isn’t a sweet girly wine, but a perfect mediator for groups split between a white wine and a red wine. This dry Provence-style Rosé makes a good case, especially served with a juicy rosemary chicken.11. Keep your weekend paper from flying away. This weekend’s forecast predicts an unusually warm and sunny end of February. If you’re reading the paper outside, and stay hydrated while keeping your paper within reach. 12. Use in a pinch for a make-shift rolling pin. One of our fans shared a photo of her using an empty bottle to roll out pizza dough. We do recommend using an already empty bottle, so you’ll have to finish it first.
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